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#tradingtips  #journal Start by Creating your Journal Today Use Discord/Slack or Google/Apple Albums to log your system, setup, trades, recaps, screenshots Helps to see what is working, what is not, what mistakes to avoid , backtesting. See how I did it

  Track, screenshot, draw all the setups u see or u r learning. You can create a secret @discordapp

Just for urself to log &track plays(see mine below).Also u can create a google album or cloud album to track daily(one of mine below)  

This innovative way of tracking and logging will speed up ur learning.I have one channel in my self study server where i just shout at myself and post my biggest loses in screenshots to remind me.Every mistake is a learning process..log it...track it.. #learnings

#tradingtips How Far will you go (I dnt mean buying alerts) How much you want success? Below is me in my Journal(like I teach to have your own personal discord) , shouting at myself alone on my mistakes and logging everything\years ago.What have you done different today??

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