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I am part of Private Trading Community where I am active everyday with hundreds of other traders sharing Ideas/Education/Scanners/News. This community is not any alert service or buy/sell service.. It is only for serious traders who are not looking for a short cut but community to share ideas, discuss, learn, swing trades, webinars and educate themselves. If all these meet for you. You can sign up below  For my Followers TENET has provided below Coupons

Email : for any questions



If you for some reason cannot afford or no financial means or have some financial issues but still want to be part of the community, fill the form below and explain and to my discretion , I will get you in either by paying for your membership or get you more discounts. Please be advised  community is for serious traders who have enough saved capital to follow the passion of trading. If you are completely new or have no Savings and Capital, its imperative you do not spend money on trying to get rich overnight and Learn Study and Practice. Review all my education here on my website, twitter & Youtube. Feel free to reach me or my team anytime.

Joining Community Request Form

If Approved , Join Link will be sent to email you provided

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