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Below are some Tips & Tricks for using Think or Swim Platform for Trading if you are using TD Ameritrade Broker. Also, you can request for Ripster's Setup for free to help you in your trading journey, just submit the request form below and wait for the information in your inbox.

Think or Swim Layout & Studies Request Form

Oyou submit, Check your inbox for TOS Links

Setup your TOS screen to trade options on Active Trader and How to Move from Stock to Option Chart . Link Your Stock Chart with Option Chain using One Color linkage(blue), that will pull up Option chain as soon as u enter stock info in Stock Chart #tostips #options 

$STUDY #tradingtips #optiontrading #tostips So, Some might not know, You can review Daily Option Statistics & Time & Sales & Unusual Activity right on TOS. Sold on bid/Sold on Ask/Puts vs Calls etc etc on TOS. Just go on trade tab and you link your tickers for instant analysis. 

#tradingtips #tostips #option #time & #sale #unsualoptions Go to Trade->OptionTimeSale. Filter by no of contracts , strikes etc. ->Purple = Puts Blue=Calls ->Green@ask red@bid white@mid Example: Below steady stream of Dec20puts on $TSLA (>10cnt) ,I used to manage my trade.













You can also change filter to only review unusual options or certain strike price. #tostips #optiontrading

#tostips #tradingtips #newswires If you have TOS and don't want to spend on any expensive newswires, u can use TOS newsfeeds which includes Benzinga, Dowjones, MTnewswire,CNBC etc... (many dnt know this) You can create alerts, organize by tickers,by gaps,by indices... #superfast 

#tradingtips $STUDY Browsing Charts, Finding Winners In TOS have SPY WL QQQ Nasdaq WL Russell 2000 (Small Cap-Growth) WL Yearly Highs All inbuilt Sort them by Net Change and browse to find the next breakout or setup(1hr & Daily) I do this for 300+ charts!

#tradingtips #tostips Vol is very key. How much of normal vol has stock traded vs normal at same time You can see vol at open and then you can extrapolate for rest of day. More Relative volume, better the price action and move Script:

#tradingtips #tostips #premarket scanner Premarket Scanner for Think or Swim

This gives premarket movers or gappers and works market hours too. Sort by volume or Net change Let me know if any issues

#tradintips #Advances #Declines $STUDY How to find Advancing/Declining in TOS TOS-> MarketWatch->Visualize->Indices Watch->Select from Watchlist S&P or QQQ or Dow Jones or Ur custom watchlist Give you idea what all stocks are doing so you buy Puts/Calls or go long or short You want to see 50% on one side to understand market trend

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