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Following are few of Many Day Trades that I have done live or explained live many times, key here is that they all are based on a Repeatable System, Set of repeatable rules, All Small Caps Everyday Show same personality that falls into few different setups and they all repeat again and again. This includes longs and shorts both. Refer to my Key Day Trade Concepts Slide and Low Float Setup Slide posted in Trading Tips. Also how daily and weekly charts play a key part in these setup showing us key resistance levels. Additionally, learning more about Dilution and Tape Reading skills give added conviction in your small cap Trades. Identify these setups to find best risk reward entry, to build consistent trading rules. These Setups require you to have proper routine daily identifying key setups in premarket based on Volume, News, Dilution, Chart Levels etc. Sometimes, we have some news based setups intraday. Some setups will have no news but will be recent runners falling under Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 Setups. These small caps fall under various themes sometime like Bitcoin, AI, China Play, Covid Play, Cyber Play and many more.It is best to stick with leader among all these and not fall for any sympathy plays. Also, One of important concept in day trading Small Caps is understanding the Cost of Borrows or How cheap are shorts, because if float is tiny it can create a big supply/demand issues. Trading Tips on my website will provide additional concepts and guidelines, meanwhile go through few examples below to get some idea.

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