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#newbietips Are you a lost Newbie swing/day trader. Start here :

  1. Have Clean Charts (NO INDICATORS)

  2. Daily/Weekly Charts/1hr

  3. Draw Trendlines, Sup/Res lines, Range Boxes,

  4. Just draw/analyze again & again!

  5. Analyze how price moves around these levels

  6. Repeat for 100 Charts

#tradingtips #newbietips You want to start.

  • Get a good charting platform

  • Look at daily, weekly, 4 hr, 1hr charts, zoom out

  • Try to make sense of how price moves

  • Do it for 100 charts until you start to see a repeatable pattern

  • Later learn fundamentals

  • #noshortcut

#tradintips #HowToReadCharts

Please start here, Read and Re-Read by heart.

What u read in theory, find examples in real time (very important)

#tradingtips #newbie  You are new & lost money, studied hard, got a strategy but scared to get back?

  • Take 50 trades with 1 contract or 100 shares.

  • Prove to yourself that you can win 30 trades at least out of 50,then scale

  • Find conviction/consistency first,$$ comes later!

Once u can win 50/60% of your trades; find out do u win big and lose small? Is your Win 2R 3R? If after winning 60% times You are still down...go back to drawing board...find new test run again until u start to win more than u lose!!

  • Does not matter you win 8 times out of 10 if u give all up in 2 loses.

  • Trading/Investing to be successful u can't do Random.

  • Probability and Statistics of your System is what matters!

Top 3 beginner tips

1. Forget everything or indicators, take clean charts , and start drawing lines and analyze 100 charts

2. Find a system and each trade should be a repeatable process

3. Always keep Loses, R (risk) same, understand Position Sizing #tradingtips

#tradingtips #starthere #options #newbie

Options Beginners Guide If you are new give this blog a read. Learn just buying Calls and Puts for now Shorting/Selling Puts/Calls ignore that if beginner

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