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What kind of trader you want to be


✔️Penny Low Float Long Biased

✔️Penny Low Float Short Biased

✔️Large Cap TraderDay Trader

       Opening Bell

       Gap Trader

       All Day Trend

✔️Breakout or Momentum Trader

✔️Dip Buyer

✔️Swing /Position Trader


      Calls & Puts

      Spreads & Advanced

✔️Bio Tech Investor/Trader

✔️IPO Trader

✔️Growth Stock Trader/Investor

✔️Value Trader/Investor

✔️Futures & Forex Trader

✔️Alt / Bit Coin Trader


Type of Swing Trading/Investing Systems


1.Dip Buying at Support

2.Daily /Weekly Breakout Swing Trading.

3.Trend Trading on Pullbacks

4.Reversal Swing Trades

5. Gap Fill Swing Trades.

6. Post Earnings Gap Swing Trading

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