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List of Important Websites to help in Trading & Investing

Find IB Short Borrows Available

Biotech Due Diligence

Economic Calendar

Use this website to do quick DD on any stock

Track After Hour Moves :

Track Pre Market Movers

Track IPOs. IPOs are solid plays, Find upcoming and latest IPO plays here

 Another good website to track IPOs

Find Hedge Funds & Institutional ownership of stocks here: @here

Track Volume & Short Volume for the day easily here  . If you dnt understand what exactly this means, please read

Calculate Your Option Profits using this website


Candlestick Patterns


Use below websites to research SEC Stock Filings


Easy way to find Stock's split history

Good Website to learn about Chart Patterns quickly


Great Website to Screen and Review various Option Stats


Check how market and various sectors are doing and then track all day

A Strong Stock in Strong Sector will be good long and weak in weakest sector will be good short


See what the top investors are buying and selling

Get an idea on which analysts follow a certain stock and get price targets

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