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EMA Clouds

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Now you can use this Script on Tradingview:

Using EMA clouds on TrendSpider - 10 Min / 1Hr

NOTE: I Keep After Hour/ Premarket On on 10 Minute Charts. Other timeframes not needed

In Trendspider or TradingView Add below EMA Clouds

  1. 5-12 or 5-13

  2. 34-50

  3. 8-9 (Optional)

  4. 20-21 (Optional)

Indicator on Trend Spider is “MA Cloud by Ripster”

EMA Cloud System is Trading System Invented by Ripster. It is basically areas shaded between two EMAs.

The concept that the EMA cloud area serves as support or resistance for Intraday & Swing Trading.

Can be utilized effectively on 10 Min for day trading and 1Hr/Daily for Swings.

Ripster utilizes various combinations of 5-12 EMA clouds 34-50 EMA clouds among others.

8-9, 20-21 EMA clouds can be used as well.

Adjust what works for you. Ideally 5-12 or 5-13 EMA cloud acts as sold fluid Trendline for day trades.

8-9 EMA Clouds can be used as pullback Levels Clouds as well –(optional)

Additionally at high level price over under 34-50 EMA clouds confirms either bullish or bearish bias on the price action for any timeframe

Intraday Hold Long as long as 5-12 EMA cloud holds or 10 min candle does not close or open under it

On swings 1 Hr Use 34-50 EMA for bullish over and bearish under. 5-12 or 5-13 clouds on One hour works as trend line as well

For Tradingview


Now you can use this Script on Tradingview:

NOTE: For Tradingview , you can use Leading EMA Cloud by Zamboniman to create the setup above.Make Sure to make Leading Period Zero for this indicator on TradingView

Additionally on Tradingview, make sure you use 3 Window Layout as shown below. One for 1 Day, 1hr and 10 minute.

Also In setting you can change colour for Background

Some More INFO on Clouds System

Here where to start. Import EMA clouds in ur platform setup 5-12 (or 5-13) 34-50 72-89 as ur EMAS.For now focus is on 10 min chart and Focus first on 34-50 EMA cloud.These clouds act as support and resistance. Over 50 emas trend is bullish below is Bearish. When ever u long or short that 34-50 ema cloud is ur risk level.Many a times a stock will change trend right on these clouds.U have to be disciplined if stock crosses over the cloud Jong becomes short short becomes long.On Gap Downs u want to short if they are under 10 min 50 ema cloud and get rejected, u wanna long if they move above.Same for gap down.On this long weekend read 100s of chart just with 10 min candles and see ho\ they behave with 34-50 clouds.For Next few weeks lets find setups with these 10 min candles. Other things to consider 1.Higher high/lows on 10 min for long and lower lows lower highs for short

5-12 cloud cross is ur confirmation Jong when 5 cross 12 and short when 12 under 5(combine with 50 ema 10 min) 3. Volume is key if stock has done 20% vol in 1st 30 mins, it will trend in same direction. 4.Add Opening Range Breaks to this system for intraday trades at open. Another important update intraday, Let trend ride as long as 10 min candle rides 5-12(5-13) Cloud. 10 Min candle closes under you get out intraday. For more conviction(u can create 8-9 mini cloud ribbon as well)

EMA Clouds for Webull

Webull Detailed Walkthrough

EMA Clouds for Thinkorswim

Here is single EMA cloud for TOS that you can replicate as i have explained in discord to create your own cloud system as you like, u can customize your colors and your style by going to source code You can also use your own EMAs.

EMA Clouds for Thinkorswim Version 2

to look like Tradingview

Think or Swim EMA cloud watchlist script thanks to Kind Follower @Iamstudentt

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Bentley Blue
Bentley Blue
Jan 19

for mt4?


Hany Kerolos
Hany Kerolos
Nov 28, 2023

What's Think or Swim EMA cloud watchlist script thanks to Kind Follower @Iamstudentt

and how to use it?


.Renga Soma
.Renga Soma
Jul 16, 2023

do you have the indicator for NT8?


Something Something
Something Something
Apr 06, 2023

no more webull script or is there a way to get it back?


Ali In The Bay
Ali In The Bay
Mar 11, 2023

Thank You for sharing this!

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